•  Want to carry your healthy meals to your work place? Then no worries you’ve come to the right place, buy this ideal double rectangle, bento lunch box because it is an ideal for packing, your organic wholesome meals to office, school, gym or while travelling. Intelligently designed to keep different food portions separate and secure.

    Perfect design, this rectangle lunch box is perfectly designed to keep your food items in separate compartments and controlled portions which can be mixed together at meal time. 

    Removable compartments, along with movable partition keep the food fresh and safe in controlled portions till you are ready to eat the meal.

      Multi-functional box, this lunch box is portable and can be used for carry food to the office, gym or school as well as for storing food in the refrigerator or freezer.

    Safe and healthy, the bento box is made of food grade  PP material and is safe for carrying or storing food and can be easily cleaned and washed.

    High quality, high standards are maintained in the design. The compartments can be easily fixed and adjusted with leak proof exterior and air-tight lid closure.


    • Smooth and secure lid cover which keeps the lunch box leak proof
    • The upper compartment of this box contains a spoon and chop-sticks
    • The lower compartment comes with movable partitions which allows to food ingredients to be kept secure and separated.
    • The compartments can be properly fixed and closed in an air tight way.
The Rectangular Box

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