• Our stainless steel kitchen tool removes the shell of the prawns & deveins the shrimps easily, effortlessly and timely.

    A quick and clean way to prepare sea food for making delicious recipes effortlessly, Stainless steel Prawn peeler is ergonomically designed to be held effortlessly without straining the hands and wrists. The clean pliers remove the shells off the prawns and shrimps neatly without any mess, to give you juicy, succulent flesh within no time.

    Durable, this tool is made from long lasting and durable stainless steel and it is rust and stain free

     Slim and sleek, this extremely slim and compact tool is easy to store and adjust in the kitchen drawer.

    Highly recommend, with this stainless steel prawn peeler you can clean shrimp in one easy Action, you'll clean more shrimp in less time

    Kitchen need, it is great tool for you if you love eating shrimp; also it is the best gift for your friend for gathering. In simple words it is a kitchen tool you must have.


    • The stainless steel prawn peeler is made of high quality stainless steel
    • Cleaning and peeling the shrimp easy, quick and convenient
    • Flexible and rust free prawn peeler for you.
    • Ergonomic design, easy to hold and handle
    • Color: Red/Silver
Prawn Peeler

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