• Are you looking for the perfect portable box for your lunch? Then no worries, our bento box is the perfect solution for someone looking for a durable, stackable lunch box that is built to last. Moreover this lunch box is equipped with multiple compartments to keep your food separated.

    Highly recommend, this lunch box is the perfect choice for kids or someone looking for portion control. It is made of high quality food grade BPA free plastic with wheat straw fibers means it’s built to last.

    100& safe, the multiple food compartments of this lunch box are microwave and dishwasher safe. This lunch box is perfect for reheating your leftovers at the office or the school.

    Leak Proof functionality, now you can keep your meals and snacks fresh and mess-free during transport in this lunch box because it prevents food from mixing together, separating vegetables, fruits and snacks to contend the fresh taste of the food.

    Sealed lids, the sealed lid fit tightly on the lunch box to guarantee that what is inside stays inside.


    • Keep yourself & your family safe from harmful materials because this lunch box is 100% BPA-free; made with non-toxic material.
    • You can preserve your food in this lunch box with no problems.
    • This lunch box is the perfect choice for adults and kids.
    • The tightly sealed lid helps you retain your food for a longer period of time.
    • Lunch Box available in 3 colors ( Pink, Green, Beige)
Portable Healthy Lunch Box

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