1999 3000

Kitchen gadgets increase your productivity and provide you accessibility to do more things in less time. This non-stick silicone gadget is also the same when it comes to functionality. It will help you to make things instantly without any complications.

Furthermore, this silicone mat has long life than any of the typical mats and it will also provide you a friendly experience during use.

✔Attractive design, usually mats come in a dull and boring design but our silicone mat is totally different and unique from the generic designs because of its contrasting colors.

✔Top-notch material, this silicone mat is being crafted with a promising silicone material that will provide longevity without any change in its surface. Furthermore, the material doesn’t react with food particles and provides you a safe and delicious results.

✔Non-stick, this silicone mat is not sticky to create any complication while baking. Although, it has a good grip on shelves but you can remove it at any time without using any force.

✔Recommended, this silicone mat is highly recommended for its overall appearance and user-friendly experience. It has a wide surface to bake things easily. Furthermore, it comes with marks which will help you to bake things in a specific size.


  • This silicone mat is attractive and good-looking in design.
  • This silicone mat is highly absorptive with a good shelf grip.
  • This silicone mat has a non-stick surface for easy usage.
  • This silicone mat has good flexibility and stretch ability.


Non-stick silicone mat
1999 3000

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