Get the high-quality adhesive tape for multiple usages. This tape is sharp and smooth in looking along with the shiny effect. The friendly-material without any harm to the environment makes this tape more suitable and viable to use in different places.

Moreover, the tape is crafted with durable material that provides long-term support with considerable thickness.

✔Double-sided, this tape comes in a double-sided design. Both sides of the tape are adhesive to be easily attached to any surface.

✔Washable, this tape is reusable and washable. Additionally, it has the power to be used after wash. You don't need to worry about the functionality as this tape is highly functional.

✔Transparent style, the best thing about this tape is, that it’s transparent in design. Unlike, other tapes that are dull in color, this tape is super cool and good-looking to make your things interesting.

✔Usability, this tape has multiple usages. Furthermore, you can use this tape for wall sticking, automobile decoration, hook fixing or socket fixing etc. The tape can be used anytime and anywhere.


  • This tape is attractive and good looking
  • This tap has the capability to be used multiple times without any complication.
  • This tape has multiple usages to make your life easier.
  • This tape is crafted with high-quality material along with high-adhesive material.
Nano Magic Tape Double Sided Tape

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